Online Service

Online Consulting And Service

For our indoor outdoor led video display panels, we can provide services through the following ways:

  • Telephone — 24–hour phone service is available for customers. Please leave us your contact information and detailed failure information(pls show the failure in pictures as possible as you can) when you contact us.
  • Real-time communication — Our service team could offer services via Skype, E-mail, MSN, for example, sending video files of software operation or graphics card setup to show how to operate
    If necessary, our service team can remotely operate the customer’s computer through Team Viewer to install and set up software for customers and to remove the failures of system software .
  • Post — Send the failed components under warranty back to us, and we will return the repaired ones to you as soon as we can.
  • On-site — Engineer could be assigned to offer on-site service upon your requirements.

Service Details

  • Repair and maintenance — We will be responsible for repairing any defective parts under warranty and returning the repaired ones to the customer. We also provide some free accessories such as power supply, modules and scan card to facilitate maintaining.
  • Advisory service or consulting — Technical advice for LED display operation and maintenance.
  • Technical training — Guiding the customer’s staff on installation and commissioning of LED display and peripheral equipments, operation of control system software, and failure analysis and maintenance of LED display system and periphery equipments.
  • Calibration — Our trained engineer is at your service with calibration software (at cost).
  • Customized service — We offers a variety of options in size and specification of LED display. In addition, we are willing to work with customers to build their customized product solutions, including product selection or new design, system solutions, structural design, after-sales service, etc.
  • Documentation –Installation and Maintenance Manual;LED Display System Connection Diagram;Software Guidance.