Advantages and Puzzlement of Transparent LED Display Screen


After decades of long-term development, the traditional coat of LED display screen has gradually faded. The led video wall products that attract much attention in the market have changed from traditional LED display screen to small spacing LED display screen, transparent LED display screen, LED grid screen and special-shaped LED screen. There is no doubt that the traditional LED display still occupies a large proportion of the market, but at the same time, these advanced display technology, leading the industry trend of the LED creative display market is also extending outward.

As far as transparent LED display screen is concerned, so far this kind of LED screen has achieved a huge technological breakthrough, successfully built a new display effect of LED glass screen with glass, and successfully promoted the development of LED transparent screen. As we all know, because of the transparency and beauty of the LED transparent screen, the application of the LED transparent screen has become popular in the commercial market. From 2017 to now, some large-scale LED transparent screen manufacturers have not only created many successful large-scale case projects, but also continuously innovated in this kind of LED screen products, leading the creative display. Under the premise of continuous development of LED screen, the future development of transparent LED screen must be immeasurable.

We all know that transparent LED display screen is widely favored by the market due to its transparency, light weight, installation, energy saving and environmental protection, and plays an irreplaceable role in the beautification and display of large cities in China. From the technical point of view, although the LED transparent screen has been successfully built and applied in 2017, there are some contradictions between the point spacing and the permeability. The smaller the dot spacing of LED display screen, the higher the clarity and the better the display effect. One of the important reasons why LED transparent screen is popular in the market is that it has good permeability. Therefore, many LED transparent manufacturers are constantly optimizing their products to improve the transparency of LED transparent screen. Therefore, in order to improve the transparency and transparency of LED transparent screen, the enterprises of LED screen must make a choice. Choose or combine the two to improve.

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