Asian Cultural Carnival Using Led Wall set a Guinness World Record

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It is reported that the LED display used in the party exceeded 10,000 square meters, and the length is 74.53 meters, the width is 19.289 meters, and the height is 15.224 meters. The 3D LED light video panel matrix containing 39 lamps is creating a new Guinness record.

On May 15th, the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference on the theme of “Asian Civilization Exchange and Mutual Understanding and Destiny Community” was grandly opened in Beijing. As a performance of the scale* since the establishment of the Central Radio and Television General Station, the beautiful stage effect not only shocked the audience, but also made the audience in front of the TV stand awesome.  . The Asian Culture Carnival has brought a visual and auditory feast to the world, and the LED display panel made in China has been brilliantly displayed to the world. 01, “*3D LED Light Matrix” set a Guinness World Record It is worth mentioning that this is a super-large multimedia interactive stage specially designed for the carnival, with an area of ​​nearly 15,000 square meters, accounting for three-quarters of the “Bird’s Nest”. At the party, more than 10,000 square meters of LED display was successfully applied to the main stage of more than 15,000 square meters, and the array of LED lights formed a dialogue between the heavens and the earth on the main stage. 52 groups of CNC Wia suspended a myriad of luminous points to form a matrix; “Ground” is a square matrix composed of thousands of college students in front of the stage. The handheld electric light bar lights more than 1000 luminous points, which can form different patterns and characters. Today, our LED display technology level has entered the forefront of the world. As the chief producer Sha Xiaolan said: A large part of innovation relies on our performing arts and technology, and the artist’s ideas are fully integrated through art and technology. This Asian Culture Carnival not only condenses the ability of Chinese contemporary dancers to pursue the spirit of stage art and use the new display technology with the times, but also demonstrates the mature application of China’s current LED display equipment technology, allowing China to create LED displays. The screen enters the center of the world stage and promotes the art of dancing to a new pattern.

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