Big changes in the reform of LED video display Wall industry

China-p4-p2-5-p3-p4-p6 led display

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Now for the entire LED display industry, after shuffling and rising prices, the industry still presents a few dominant oligarchs and small and medium-sized enterprises as the main component of the structural distribution, far from forming a “golden triangle” industry pattern. Because of its relatively low entry threshold, the industry is mixed, the industry’s unified standards and norms are seriously missing, and the market pattern is volatile. In terms of LED display products, small spacing LED display is leading the way, and is infiltrating into various application fields on a large scale. The market and enterprises pay more attention to the development of differential and innovative applications such as transparent LED display, special-shaped screen, outdoor LED display and full-color LED display. In terms of market pattern, with the continuous pace of the industry and the active departure of enterprises, the domestic LED market does not. Thirdly, the only way and choice is that the market share of foreign countries is getting larger and larger, and there seems to be two major markets going hand in hand. In terms of technology development, the traditional SMD packaging technology is still the mainstream, so that the future development of small-spacing LED display has a more development direction. The current LED display industry is undergoing tremendous changes under the domestic and foreign drive, and many of the information released by the two conferences will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the whole LED display industry for further development in the future.

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