Common Misunderstandings in Stage Rental of LED Display Screen


Because the stage rental LED display screen is widely used, so now the stage rental display screen requirements are relatively high. LED lamp, driver IC, power supply and power signal connector are all important factors for the quality LED screen. Therefore, when selecting materials, strict requirements must be made. Relevant tests should be carried out with high standards to check the various functions of the LED screen and its performance. Therefore, each of the program links should have a hot backup function, including video transmission, receiving equipment, signal transmission cable and so on.

It can ensure that when unexpected emergencies occur in a link of the display system, it can automatically diagnose and quickly switch to the standby equipment. The whole switching process will not produce a little negative impact. In the structural design, while ensuring the beautiful and fashionable cabinet, we should also ensure good heat dissipation and fast splicing. In fact, it is easy to create some misunderstandings when using stage rental LED display. What are the more common misunderstandings when using stage rental LED display? Now let’s analyze some common misunderstandings.

Stage Rental LED Display Screen

First, the lack of space sense in video dance design has restrained the visual extension of performance scene.

2. It is difficult for TV broadcasting to focus solely on the overall use of LED screens regardless of local usage habits.

Everyone knows that the basic unit of TV picture is the lens of different scenes. Simply speaking, it is panoramic, mid-range and close-up. Now the scene is more panoramic effect. Most manufacturers’LED team in the design and production of dance beauty, often only take into account the panoramic rendering of the large effect, but there is a lack of playback. While many large-scale evenings are held on the spot, most of them will put forward the demand of live transmission through television. Later, the producer team of the evening party should not only consider the effect of the live performance of the evening party, but also consider the dissemination it brings.

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