Difference between waterproof and simple LED display screen cabinets?


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Which is better, the difference between waterproof case and simple case of LED display? I believe that many friends are difficult to choose, do not know which is better, how to better distinguish. Due to wet and rainy weather, outdoor LED advertising is usually used as waterproof box, but for indoor environment, waterproof and other requirements are not high. Usually simple box is used. In view of the difference between waterproof box and simple box of LED display

Nowadays, many outdoor LED displays are made of simple boxes, because the cost of sealed boxes is high, and the final waterproof effect is the same as that of simple boxes, so people mostly choose simple boxes.

And the LED box began to develop in the direction of light and easy disassembly, but from a professional point of view, not completely closed, light and thin will certainly play a waterproof effect, just like your computer case, the box structure only plays the role of dust and foreign body, if large-scale water inflow, it will cause internal damage, and space is too small, not conducive to heat dissipation.

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