Distribution and Characteristics of LED Display Screen in Stadiums


LED display has become an indispensable display effect in modern life, as well as a necessary lighting product for modern large-scale stadiums and gymnasiums led video advertising. In many major sports events, a large number of LED display screens will be used, especially in the world’s top sports events such as the Olympic Games, World Championships, Asian Games and so on. In many cases, we will also clearly see the LED display screen of stadiums and gymnasiums, because their effect is also more obvious.

LED Display Screen for Stadiums and Gymnasiums

The other is the timing and scoring LED display screen, which will be connected with the timing and scoring system of the competition. It can play players’performance and related information comprehensively.

In addition, there are large LED screens for commercial advertisements. Speaking of this kind of display, there are various forms. The most common display is the LED screen around the stadium and in the stands. But the Olympics generally do not allow commercial advertising.

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