Factors affecting the definition of LED display screen

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With the rapid development of LED display rental screen, the widespread use of LED large screen products such as full-color LED display rental screen and LED electronic display screen has greatly promoted the rapid development of occupation, especially the use of full-color LED display rental screen. As we all know, full-color LED screen rental screen is the primary carrier of advertising and information broadcast, so the clarity of full-color LED screen is very necessary, so what are the factors that affect the clarity of full-color LED screen?p3.91 led video wall for stage use
Full screen display can reduce the distance from the LED display, the more exquisite the first color display. However, this point must be supported by experienced skills. Its investment cost is relatively large, and the price of full-color LED display rental screen is also on the high side. Fortunately, today’s shopping malls are also developing towards small distance LED display rental screen.
Second, contrast: contrast is one of the key factors affecting the visual effect. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast is, the clearer the picture is, and the more beautiful the color is. High contrast is helpful to the clarity, details and gray level of the picture. In some text and video display with large black-and-white contrast, high contrast full-color LED display has advantages in black-and-white contrast, clarity, integrity and so on. Contrast plays a more important role in dynamic video display. Because the light and dark transformation in dynamic pictures is faster, the higher the contrast, the easier the eyes are to distinguish such transformation process.
Third, gray level: gray level refers to the brightness level from the darkest to the brightest in the single primary color brightness of full-color LED display rental screen. The higher the gray level of full-color LED display rental screen is, the richer the color is, the more beautiful the color is; on the contrary, the display color is single, and the change is simple. The progress of gray level can greatly improve the color depth, and make the display level of picture color geometric. The LED gray control level is 14bit ~ 16bit, which makes the high-end display products reach the world’s advanced level of picture level, detail resolution and display function. With the development of hardware skills, led gray level will continue to develop to higher control accuracy.

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