Fine Pitch LED Display Screen Entering the Film Market !


In the past, the use of LED display screen in cinemas only accounted for a small part, such as ticket office used to scroll the display effect of movie theater scheduling, this is the large LED screen. Obviously, there is still a lot of room for the development of LED display in cinema. This also suffices to show that from now on, LED display will be able to further enter the cinema market.

In addition, from the technical level, the small spacing LED display screen can ignore the limitation of playback area by seamless splicing. After the spacing is greatly reduced, the clarity can rival or explode DLP display projection technology. It is also imminent to occupy the film market. According to industry sources, we all know that the size of more than 30 feet is somewhat small for standard cinemas. Currently, the screen sizes of general cinemas are generally between 45 and 65 feet, and some LED screens have a surprising width of 72 feet. If users want to achieve this LED screen size, it will undoubtedly be an unacceptable price for most customers

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