Fragmentation Effect of Transparent LED Display Screen Walls


In recent years, glass trestle transparent LED interactive screen has risen, and major attractions are competing to emulate it. Then how to use the glass trestle transparent LED display screen? Here is a short edition to learn with you.

Usually the most common glass stack is the special effect of broken glass, which is very simple to achieve. The broken glass under toughened glass is not only a piece of glass, but also a transparent LED display screen. Technically, we need to use the developed induction radar, with special software. When people enter the induction area, the radar sends out instructions, the special effect will trigger, and play the picture of broken glass or even audio.

And this special effect must give people a sudden sense, that is to say, in the distance to see a similar picture below the glass trestle, and see no difference with the other glass trestle on the edge. Only when people step into this area, the broken glass effect will come out, giving people a sudden and unexpected sense of alarm.

To sum up, the 3D glass trestle fragmentation special effect LED interactive screen is a new technology which perfectly combines the LED transparent screen and radar, and adds more fun to life.

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