Future Development trends of LED Display Video Screens


What’s the future of LED advertising video display? I don’t think many people have considered this question. What kind of field will display screen develop into in the future? I think many people will be more concerned about it, especially about people in the same industry. We can’t guarantee the future will be the same as our own imagination, but we might as well boldly imagine what the future LED display will look like.

Outdoor LED Display Screen

I. The Era of Big Data

Nowadays, big data is more and more popular in today’s society, and it will certainly become an important factor for the success of LED display. Outdoor LED display media will find and understand the user’s “viewing behavior” through the “big data” established by the media. This “database” is not limited by time and space. Apart from this, the content setting of outdoor LED is closely related to big data.  There is also the design of outdoor LED media will also be through big data to see the visual setting of outdoor LED media.

II. Interaction of Display Screen

Nowadays, many tools and products on the Internet can interact with each other, such as mobile phones, QQ, short messages and Wechat.

3. Visual Impulse of Display Screen

Intelligent LED lights, cloud technology broadcasting and control management, advertising in the future as far as possible, visual impact for the direction of the LED display screen is crucial.

IV. Light Application of Display Screen

Finally, a light application of LED display screen is discussed. This light application is also a very important factor affecting the trend of LED display screen. Light application is an application that can be used without downloading. Nowadays, for the advertising industry, the combination of outdoor advertising and the Internet is the inevitable trend of industry development. The continuous development of the Internet also makes outdoor advertising constantly improve and update, more and more perfect.

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