Great Contribution of LED Display Screen Wall to China’s Economy


Now the industry of LED display advertising wall is at a peak of development. After decades of long-term development, the technology, after-sale, quality and control of the display screen, as well as the application field and market scope of the product, have undergone tremendous changes. The large-scale and standardized development of the LED display industry has also promoted the vigorous development of the LED display, and promoted the growing sales of the LED display industry.`

Although China’s economy is in a recession and the economic growth rate is slowing down, with the continuous development of the industry, the new economic growth continues to improve, year by year more objective. Therefore, only when the real economy such as LED display enterprises gets healthy and long-term development, can it play a positive and important role in the effective use of social resources. Moreover, in the process of development, LED screen enterprises can strictly abide by the industry production rules, actively respond to the distribution and call of the country, based on enterprise innovation and product quality service, and present a good spiritual outlook to the world.

It is well known that the global LED display is mainly produced in China, while the industrial chain in China is mainly concentrated in Shenzhen. According to industry knowledge, about a thousand LED display screens and matching manufacturers of the whole industry chain in Shenzhen, accounting for 80% of the industry’s market share. Good geographical position, complete industrial chain, broad market, abundant human resources, simplified administrative approval procedures, flexible policy guidance, and active capital market. As an indispensable part of the real economy, the LED display industry is stepping into a mature and stable period under the fierce competitive economic conditions.

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