How to classify LED display rental screen

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LED electronic displays can be rented by categories, such as LED display rental screen body, LED display rental screen controller, control computer, power distribution equipment, optical fiber, audio and video equipment, system software and other equipment, which can be rented independently. This not only satisfies the needs of various industries, but also greatly saves the manufacturing cost, and truly completes the “small investment, big reward” 。
1. LED screen rental screen bodybuy led screens
LED display screen body is composed of many display unit boxes. The screen can be composed of horizontal and vertical unit boxes according to different scale requirements. The LED display receives all digital signals from the optical fiber transmission controller, decodes and displays them. The display unit box is equipped with LED light-emitting module, driving device, switching power supply, cooling fan, etc.
2. LED screen rental screen controller
LED display controller is the central equipment of LED large screen processing information. LED display controller can directly bear video signal or computer signal, carry out signal decoding, transformation, processing, operation, coding, digital transmission, and output display signal to LED display screen. In the controller or computer can directly adjust the LED display brightness and other LED display screen parameters.
3. Control the computer
LED screen rental screen operation computer can output computer signal to LED screen controller. When the computer signal is displayed on the LED display screen, the pixels on the LED display screen are directly mapped to the pixels on the corresponding area of the LED display screen. Running the LED display control software, the LED display operation computer can adjust and operate the parameters of the LED display screen through the control port.
4. Distribution equipment
Power distribution equipment provides enough power for the operation of LED display screen. The power distribution equipment adopts three-phase five wire communication system, which can operate the power distribution equipment in the control room for a long distance and switch the LED display screen. According to the detailed use of the environment, detailed planning.
5. Optical fiber
LED display screen is the signal transmission carrier of rental screen system. Optical fiber not only improves the signal transmission interval, but also reduces the interaction between the front and back stages with the improvement of signal-to-noise ratio, making the wiring of all control systems concise, beautiful, more reliable, stronger anti-interference and easier to maintain.
6. Audio and video equipment
Supply video source and audio source for LED screen. The video signal can be modified by using video modification equipment.
7. System software
System software includes control software and broadcast software. The computer operating system uses Windows 98 / 2000 / XP.
The control software can connect with the main controller of the LED display screen through the RS232 port of the computer, and adjust the parameters of the LED display screen through the control software.

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