How to Reduce the Light Pollution of Outdoor advertising LED Display


What can be done to better reduce the light pollution of outdoor LED display? We all know that with the development of science and technology, the pollution of the earth will become more and more serious. Of course, the pollution of LED display screen is also in it. So how to better avoid light pollution and let outdoor LED display display display real advantages? At present, we have come up with the following methods:

1. LED Display Area and Installation Location

2. Controlling the brightness of LED display screen

3. Reasonable design of broadcast content

Because the light pollution of LED display screen is closely related to the color of display, so when designing and playing movies, we should use high-purity colors, mix colors and use low-purity and high-brightness colors as the main colors as little as possible; the transfer between the previous video and the next video should be slow and not urgent; do not use too many flickering pictures.

4. Automatic brightness control system

We also know that the brightness changes in different time and environment are relatively large. If the brightness of the display screen is larger than that of the environment, especially at night, the strong light will cause eye maladjustment or Shanghai. But we can use the automatic brightness adjustment system, so that we can automatically convert the broadcasting brightness suitable for the environment, so as to achieve the effect of outdoor LED panel to avoid light pollution.

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