how to run or operate LED video display screen walls?

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Now in the field of optoelectronics, LED electronic screen displays is a hot topic, and there are many led wall users using LED electronic screen. Let’s talk about the correct method of indoor outdoor rental fixed LED electronic screen panels
Precautions for switch LED electronic display:
1. Switch sequence: when opening the led display screen: turn on the screen first, and then open the screen. When the screen is turned off: turn off the screen first, and then turn off (turn off the computer without turning off the screen first, it will cause high bright spots on the screen body, and the LED electronic screen will burn the light tube, with serious consequences. )
2. The time interval between opening and closing the screen shall be more than 5 minutes.
3. After the computer enters the engineering control software, the screen can be opened and powered on.
4. Avoid opening the screen in the state of full white screen, because the impact current Zui of the system is large at this time.
5. Avoid opening the screen when it is out of control, because the impact current Zui of the system is large at this time. A computer did not enter the control software and other programs; B computer was not powered on; C control part of the power supply was not turned on.
6. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation condition is not good, the LED lighting should be careful not to open the screen for a long time.
7. When a line of electronic display screen is very bright, please close the screen in time and do not open the screen for a long time in this state.
8. If the power switch of display screen trips frequently, check the screen body or replace the power switch in time.
9. Regularly check the fastening of the hook. In case of looseness, pay attention to timely adjustment, re strengthen or update the lifting parts.
10. According to the environmental conditions of the screen body and control part of the large screen display screen, insect bite shall be avoided, and rat bite prevention shall be placed if necessary.

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