Large outdoor screens maintenance is required after purchase

large led screen

Now LED electronic screen large screen began to enter the popularization stage,basically every large shopping mall, park, amusement park have P3 P4 P5 P6 P8 P10 P16 outdoor large screen. Now the large screen is becoming popular. Do you know the maintenance and repair of the large led screen?
At present, most of the outdoor LED electronic screens on the market are post maintenance. Every time, the back cover should be removed and all kinds of lines inside should be tossed. For the “layman”, the maintenance work can be maddening. In fact, the maintenance of outdoor LED electronic screen is not as difficult as you think. As long as you clear up a few steps, understand the principles, master a few tricks, and do a good job in daily maintenance, the maintenance of outdoor LED electronic screen will become handy.In the outdoor environment, air humidity and weather are the main factors affecting the electronic screen. When installing the outdoor LED electronic screen, we should pay special attention to its wind resistance, earthquake resistance and bearing capacity, so as to better survive and operate in the outdoor environment. The daily maintenance of outdoor LED electronic screen is very important. Here’s how to do a good job of maintenance.
1. Outdoor LED large screen should keep the use environment dry. No water, iron powder and other metal objects that are easy to conduct electricity are allowed in the screen. Power on the outdoor LED large screen containing humidity will cause parts corrosion and permanent damage. Rain proof measures shall be taken.
2. To avoid possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection, try to keep the objects that may cause damage to the outdoor LED electronic screen away from the screen, and wipe the screen gently when cleaning, so as to minimize the possibility of damage.
3. Outdoor LED electronic screen has the closest relationship with our users, so it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance. It is easy to be dirty when exposed to the wind, sun and dust in the outdoor environment for a long time. After a period of time, there must be a piece of dust on the screen, which needs to be cleaned in time to cover the surface with dust-proof soil for a long time to affect the viewing effect.
4. The opening and closing sequence of outdoor LED electronic screen. When opening, turn on the control computer to make it operate normally before opening the LED electronic screen. When it is turned off, turn off the electronic screen first, and then turn off the computer.
5. It is required that the power supply is stable and well grounded. Do not use it in severe natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather.
6. When playing, do not stay in full bright pictures such as all white, all red, all green and all blue for a long time, so as not to cause too much current, too much heating of power line, damage of LED lamp, and affect the service life of electronic screen. Do not disassemble or splice the screen at will.
7. Regularly check whether the outdoor LED electronic screen needs to work normally and whether the circuit is damaged. Replace or repair the damaged circuit in time to maintain the normal operation of the large screen.
8. Outdoor LED large screen main control computer and other related equipment shall be placed in the room with air conditioning and fine dust to ensure the ventilation, heat dissipation and stable operation of the computer.
The above are the basic work to be done for the daily maintenance of outdoor LED electronic screen. I hope that everyone should pay attention to the maintenance when using. Only if the maintenance work is done well, the outdoor LED electronic screen can extend its life and bring better experience to the audience. Once there is a problem that can’t be solved by non professionals, professionals should be invited to repair it immediately, and no rash action should be taken to avoid greater damage to the product.

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