LED Display Manufacturers Eye Customized Led Screen Market


In recent years, with the continuous saturation of the integrated market of LED screen display, the increasing competition in the led display advertising panel market and the shrinking of profits, in order to seek profit space, many manufacturers began to turn to explore high-margin application market, and a variety of new applications came into being. Among them, customized products can effectively match the use of scenes, better reflect the taste of customers, so quickly become a new favorite of people who like LED screens.

From a certain point of view, whether a product is good or bad, success or failure, is associated with many factors. This kind of private customized LED display can highlight the style and taste of different people, arouse the resonance of more people, so it has strong vitality and development prospects. Obviously, the “customization craze” is not so simple as a hot period of time. As a new trend, customization is likely to occupy the high-end market of the entire LED industry.

With the advent of customization era, screen enterprises must strive to meet the diversified requirements of customers, which also put forward higher requirements for research and development, production, marketing, enterprise management, after-sales service and other aspects of screen enterprises. Screen enterprises need to constantly update and improve the entire operating system chain in order to better adapt to and serve the market.

On the surface, the biggest difference between the customized LED screen and the ordinary display screen is the shape and size. It may be spherical, cylindrical, or unexpected shapes such as books, spindle paintings, etc. In addition to the choice of shape, its size and size are also strictly regulated, without any deviation. Generally speaking, it depends on the scene, not a model, so it can not be copied.

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