Micro LED display wall industry chain is now available.

digital LED WALL

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After years of development, the current domestic LED display industry has entered a new stage of deep adjustment, from the initial extensive competition to the comprehensive strength competition represented by capital and technology. As a next-generation display technology, Micro LED is regarded by the industry as a new generation of display technology that may transform the industry.

Why is Micro LED widely optimistic?

Compared with LCD/OLED technology, Micro LED can independently control pixels and emit light independently, featuring high brightness, low power consumption, ultra high resolution and high color. When combined with nanowires, Micro LEDs can even make ultra-small LEDs achieve a flexible flexible screen.

In terms of service life, due to its use of inorganic materials, the life and stability are much stronger than the organic molecules of the OLED screen, and the burn-in aging phenomenon that is easy to appear on the OLED screen is much less. In addition, Micro LEDs have high resolution due to the use of micron-pixel pitch.

Conclusion: The Micro LED display has the characteristics of no seam, high brightness and no reflection image, and it has the advantages of product clarity, image quality, thickness and reaction speed. However, the Micro LED display wall market is still in the early stage of development. Due to cost reasons, the current market size is still not very large, and it is expected that the production capacity will be gradually released in the future. At present, Micro LED has gradually cut into consumer-grade display from commercial-grade display, and downstream application companies are also vigorously promoting it. Once scaled up, the prospects will be very broad.

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