new media technology of intelligent transparent LED video display screen

transparent led video walls

In recent years, with the continuous development of transparent LED video wall display technology, the types of LED transparent screen products are more and more abundant, and its application scenarios are more and more extensive, even in the restaurants which are indispensable in daily life, transparent led glass screen has appeared. So what are the advantages of the transparent led glass screen used in the restaurant and where is it suitable to be installed?

the combination of transparent LED video display screen and Internet is essential for intelligent advertising shows. Microblog and wechat, as popular social platforms at present, combined with transparent LED screen network, can create a hot food discussion circle, so that the restaurant and customers can achieve good interaction. For example, through the large transparent LED screen to release relevant food information, food display, restaurant service and other comments real-time tracking, through the interaction between customers and the large screen to achieve the effect of public opinion guidance, so as to achieve a certain publicity effect. This also caters to the requirements of the current social and economic development, the improvement of people’s living standards, customers also want to enjoy more fashion services in addition to the requirements of restaurant dishes.

Generally speaking, the display products of the restaurant are mainly LCD screen and LED display screen wall, whose function is to display the price of dishes on that day, new dishes, service information, holiday greetings, etc. Of course, the screen can also play some novel content to attract passers-by to the restaurant.

There are more people near the restaurant, and the shopkeeper’s focus is on the rate of customers’ entering the shop and the amount of consumption. So how to better attract consumers into the store? A good propaganda tool media is very important, transparent led glass screen is one of them. Generally speaking, the shop owner can use the transparent led glass screen in the shop window, hanging in the middle hall or making partition effect. The LED transparent screen is not only a novel advertising media tool, but also can play a bright color, transparent and dreamlike video and text information to attract customers to enter the shop for consumption, and can play a good role in shop decoration. The light, thin and fashionable transparent screen will not shadow when used In addition, the store can also play some videos and images about thrifty and thrifty on the transparent screen to reduce waste and improve customers’ dining quality, which plays a great role in advocating civilized dining.

The restaurant led transparent screen is not only a combination of modern advanced technology and equipment, but also a great breakthrough in environmental protection. The LED transparent screen has high permeability, bright colors, dynamic pictures and text messages can be displayed in two directions. It not only requires a large screen size, but also a wide viewing angle, which can fully attract customers’ attention.

In the fierce store experience competition, everyone hopes to create a more personal, participatory and lasting experience. The interior design and graphic design of the restaurant are relatively static, but the screen placed in the restaurant is the most attractive dynamic presentation. A screen that plays the right content in the right place can become the real “living signboard” of the restaurant

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