Outdoor LED display has Countermeasures in fog and haze


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We often see the gray sky in the morning, which is actually covered by something called haze. It is estimated that many people do not know what haze is. Its main components are a mixture of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and inhalable particulate matter. The first two are gaseous pollutants, which combine with fog and make the sky gray in an instant.

Toxins in haze not only seriously endanger people’s health, but also have a great impact on the operation of outdoor LED display screen. In fact, we can distinguish fog and haze, because their main hazards to LED display are different:

So, how to make the LED display can withstand the test of fog and haze for a long time, which requires users and engineers to pay more attention to when purchasing and maintaining:

1. First of all, during the purchasing process, the user must see whether the display screen meets the dust-proof level required by the use environment. In the aspect of dust prevention, the international standard is IP0X-IP6X, which is a design level to prevent foreign body invasion.

2. We must pay attention to whether the PCB board of the LED display wall screen has been anti-corrosion treatment, such as three anti-paint coating on the surface; whether the power supply and power line are selected as high-quality accessories; and whether the most easily corroded screen welding site has been anti-rust treatment.

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