Attention to the temperature change of led big screen


Summer is coming soon…. For the big screen users of LED, we must pay attention to the temperature change of the big screen of the led, because the high temperature has the following five effects on the led display:

First, the temperature is too high will lead to the complete destruction of the led display

(1) The operating temperature of the led display exceeds the carrying temperature of the chip, which will cause the luminous efficiency of the led display to decrease rapidly, resulting in obvious light decay and damage;

(2) The led display is mostly encapsulated in transparent epoxy resin. If the junction temperature exceeds the solid phase transition temperature (usually 125 °C), the package material will change to rubber and the thermal expansion coefficient will rise sharply, resulting in open and invalid LED display panels. .

Second, the temperature rise will shorten the life of the led display

The reasons for the light fade of the led display are as follows:

(1) The defects existing in the led display chip material will rapidly proliferate and multiply at higher temperatures until invading the illuminating area, forming a large number of non-radiative composite centers, which seriously reduce the luminous efficiency of the led display. In addition, under high temperature conditions, micro-defects in the material and fast-expanding impurities from the interface and the electric board will also be introduced into the light-emitting area, forming a large number of deep levels, which will also accelerate the light decay of the LED display wall device.

(2) When high temperature, the transparent epoxy resin will be denatured and yellow, which will affect its light transmission performance. The higher the working temperature, the faster the process will proceed. This is another major cause of the light decay of the LED display.

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