Price of PCB board for LED display video screen is stable at present.

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In recent days, when we understand and track PCB and other materials, we have learned another situation: overall, the price of raw materials such as storage chips is still on the rise, and “high-priced goods” is also prevalent, but when the price of PCB materials rose, it was as “scary” as it was at the beginning, but gradually stabilized…

Many leaders of PCB board suppliers in the LED display wall industry said that although the price of PCB board will increase slightly, the overall trend of increase has been relatively stable. After the two sessions, the price of copper raw materials is still at a high level, but the rise has been stabilized. With the release of previous production capacity, the cost of enterprises has dropped a lot, so the price of PCB board will rise relatively smoothly recently.

On the other hand, some upstream PCB vendors are not most worried about the stable cost, but about the due date. In the interview, many people also said that the pressures of PCB due date are very high. It is urgent to speed up the increase of production capacity. What causes the problem of insufficient capacity supply of PCB board upstream of LED screen display industry? Although the sharp rise in prices is the main reason for the shortage, there are many other factors:

First, in recent years, with the outbreak of small spacing LED display screen, the LED display industry is booming, and the market demand is also growing gradually.

Secondly, when the LED display industry was in a low ebb, the original PCB board production capacity could be occupied by other industries, which led to a situation that is unprepared now.

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