Problems of LED electronic screen for indoor and outdoor advertising

led video display panel (3)

Now in life, there are led electronic screens everywhere. We can see the shadow of LED electronic screens in the streets of cities and highways from south to north. Over time, those dazzling colors bring us not enjoyment, but negative impact. When night falls and all the lights are quiet, if you want to have a look at the night sky, you will find that all kinds of light have “lit up” the sky and can’t capture the desired scenery at all; When you drive on a city street, the super bright picture played by the moving LED electronic screen will distract you and break your focus on driving.
This problem has been paid attention to in recent years, and substantial rectification has been carried out to alleviate this situation. Relevant management departments have adopted the method of limiting lighting time and brightness. LED electronic screen manufacturers use the automatic brightness adjustment function to adjust themselves according to the brightness of the environment, which can not only save energy, but also overcome the disadvantages of disturbing residents.
Furthermore, the LED electronic screen is on fire. There are fire accidents caused by the fire of LED electronic screen almost every year. Maybe some fires are not caused by the LED electronic screen itself, but only affect the fish in the pond, but the safety of LED electronic screen still needs to be put on the agenda. LED electronic screen is spliced by many modules. The larger the display area, the more modules, the greater the power, the more prominent the heat dissipation problem, and the more hidden dangers caused by power consumption.
For LED electronic screens, the most intuitive problem is price, which accounts for more than 50% of consumers’ purchase intention. In addition to small spacing products, the price of LED electronic screen is almost stable, and with the development of technology, the price has a downward trend year by year. In the past two years, small spacing products have been widely spread among users, and the outstanding advantages of small spacing LED electronic screens have been instantly affirmed by many consumers. However, the high price of small spacing products caused by more chips may be a “stumbling block” in the application and promotion of small spacing.
At this stage, some LED electronic screen manufacturers have successfully achieved the output of 0.7mm small spacing products, but what about the real application? Even the application of 1.2mm small spacing products is very few. In terms of viewing effect and cost control, the small spacing of 1.0mm or even 1.2mm can fully meet the viewing needs, not to mention the price of 1.2mm small spacing products has been difficult for consumers to accept. For LED electronic screen manufacturers, the most important thing is not to develop LED electronic screens with smaller dot spacing, but how to really put the existing technology into application. If users want to accept their products, they must first face the cost performance. If the price cannot be accepted by consumers, the best product can only be used for pure display. The price and performance of the product should be considered comprehensively. Only when the product has sufficient value, the price to consumers will not be avoided.
Generally speaking, there have been various problems in the development of LED electronic screen industry, but many problems have been solved by manufacturers and recognized by users. The development of LED electronic screen is actually a process of finding and solving problems. Nowadays, the biggest challenge for LED electronic screen manufacturers is small spacing, and endless opportunities have also brought many problems. Whoever can solve more problems for users will be supported by users.

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