Protection grade of popular science led electronic screen

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The full-color LED electronic screens are classified according to their dust-proof, anti-foreign invasion, water-proof and moisture-proof characteristics. The foreign objects mentioned here, including things and human fingers, should not touch the electrified parts inside the lamps, so as to avoid electric shock.

The IP protection level is composed of two numbers, the first figure indicates the level of dust-proof and foreign object prevention of full-color LED display; the second number indicates the airtight degree of full-color LED electronic screen to prevent moisture and water intrusion. The larger the number, the higher the protection level. The dust-proof grade (indicated by the first x) and the waterproof grade (indicated by the second x) indicate the meaning of the numerical code
0: no maintenance
1: Avoid large solid intrusion
2: Avoid medium size solid intrusion
3: Avoid small solid intrusion
4: Avoid the entry of solids larger than 1 mm
5: Avoid harmful dust accumulation
6: Avoid dust completely
The second X indicates the meaning of the number code
0: no maintenance
1: Water drops into the shell have no effect
2: When the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, water drops into the shell have no effect
3: There is no effect of water or rain water from the 60 degree corner to the enclosure
4: There is no damage effect when the liquid is poured into the shell from any direction
5: There is no damage when washed with water
6: It can be used in cabin environment
7: It can be soaked in water for a short time (1m)
8: Immerse in water for a long time under certain pressure
For example: there is a full-color LED electronic screen marked as IP65, indicating that the product can completely avoid dust entry and can be washed by water without any damage. Our company usually do full-color LED electronic screen is attributed to the title of the screen body, the protection level is IP65. Can be under certain pressure, at the same time with rain wash, and stable continuous normal operation.

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