Relationship between gray level and brightness of LED video display?


LED display video wall has been widely used in business life, but you may not know some common sense. For example, what is the gray level and brightness of LED display screen, and what is the relationship between them?

Because pulse width modulation is more suitable for digital control, almost all LED display screens use pulse width modulation to control gray level in today’s widely used computer to provide LED display content.

The control system of LED is usually composed of three parts: the main control box, the scanning board and the display and control device. The main control box obtains the brightness data of each color of a screen pixel from the display card of the computer, and then redistributes it to several scanning boards. Each scanning board is responsible for controlling several rows (columns) on the LED display screen, and the display signal of the LED on each row (columns) is transmitted in a serial way. At present, there are two ways of serial transmission of display control signals.

The gray level and brightness of LED display is one of the important parameters of the product. In order to use the LED display better, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the gray level and brightness of the LED display.

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