The Victim of ZTE: Why China’s LED Screen Enterprises Are Not Anxious


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Background: On the evening of April 16, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a ban on ZTE’s export authority, forbidding U.S. companies to sell parts, goods, software and technology to ZTE for seven years. In addition, the UK National Network Security Center has issued new recommendations warning the telecommunications industry not to use ZTE’s equipment and services.

In fact, the sanctions against ZTE took place much earlier than the Sino-US trade war. It has been nearly six years since ZTE was investigated by the United States since 2012. In March 2017, ZTE was fined nearly $892 million for violating the U.S. export control system, plus a $300 million “suspension of execution”, the largest penalty ever imposed by OFAC on non-financial institutions.

Investing in R&D vigorously, strengthening independent patent R&D, strictly abiding by relevant laws and regulations, especially for overseas markets, to conduct global patent search to avoid risks, which is what LED screen enterprises have to do, and what we have been doing.

According to statistics, China’s trade surplus with the United States reached 375.2 billion US dollars in 2017. The traditional superior products exported by the United States to China are precisely high-tech products, which can be said to directly hit the pain of American trade. High-end electronic equipment in China, represented by LED display, naturally becomes the target of attack. Therefore, in order to seek the long-term development of enterprises and industries, the only thing we can do is to maintain due vigilance, improve the viability, and improve the ability of risk management and control. Only in this way can we not be strangled and blocked the way of development

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