Ways to Improve Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screen Technology


LED display companies have gradually taken a dual-drive development route. The related businesses of ultra-high resolution digital display systems are also growing year by year. The management and operation of many service industries have also made great progress. For example, the operation of kindergartens has also made considerable progress. During the reporting period, the company has made considerable progress. Achieving total revenue of 1.3 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 13% over the same period last year, not only has the company achieved its performance goals, but also has achieved a good surpass. So what are the business characteristics of high-display screen-to-LED display?

1. Under the circumstance that the national economy operates slightly smoothly, the market scale grows steadily.

2. The degree of competition increases year by year, and the price of products changes with the changes of the peers.

3. Small spacing LED display is growing year by year, and has begun to think of the high-end market of DLP large screen, LCD is also occupying the low-end market;

4. More and more customers have steadily increased their demand for large screen connection system application year by year.

So for the clear understanding of large screen splicing, how can we take better measures to actively respond to it?

1. Further testing and improving the quality and performance of related products. Meanwhile, we should try our best to reduce the cost of purchasing and manufacturing, so as to improve the market competitiveness of products.

2. Accelerate the application of new technology in small-spacing LED, introduce the second generation of good products using industry-leading technology, and strive to win the best market feedback through small-scale market, laying a better foundation for further improving product reliability, improving display effect and coping with the market competition of small pitch LED wall

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