What are the main features of outdoor LED display wall?


Outdoor LED display is a kind of LED display screen, and is currently the most widely used display product in the LED display market. Outdoor LED display screen is widely used in commercial advertisements, sports events, transportation, education system, stations, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, real estate market, business management and other public service places. It has powerful functions of media display, information dissemination, creative display and so on. Outdoor LED display screen is so “superb”, what are its main features, you know? The following edition and everyone together to analyze it.

1. Outdoor LED display has high brightness, the general brightness is 5500 cd, the brightest can reach more than 10,000 cd, even in the strong light can be clearly visible, the display effect is good.

Second, as an advertising media, outdoor LED display screen has a variety of advertising forms, which is more ornamental and attractive than traditional advertising.

3. Outdoor LED display advertisement content updates quickly, administrators can change the advertisement content of the display screen at any time according to the actual situation, and the operation is relatively simple.

4. Outdoor LED display has good waterproof performance, strong anti-ultraviolet, protection level IP65 or above, and can cope with all kinds of bad weather.

The advantages of outdoor LED display are the magic weapon to win in the outdoor advertising display market.

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