What’s the difference between SMD2828 and SMD3535 on LED display?


With the continuous innovation of technology in the LED display industry, the LED display screen is becoming thinner and higher definition from P1.2 p1.5 p1.875 p2 p3 p3.91 p4.81 to p5 p6 p8 p10 led video wall. Among them, in the field of outdoor high-definition, the development of surface-mounted products is relatively rapid. For table-mounted full-color LED display, high-quality light-emitting chip is the core material, especially light-emitting beads. Here are the differences between SMD2828 and SMD3535, which are the two most common types of table-mounted beads in the market.

Small Spacing LED Display Screen

Lamp Beads Used in LED Display Module

1. SMD2828 patch lamp beads

SMD2828 is 3.0 *3.0 *2.4 mm in appearance size, and the size of LED lamp beads is smaller, so it can be used as a screen with smaller spacing, which is more suitable for the field of high-definition LED display. The models it can use are table paste P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, etc. The special waterproof structure design can effectively improve the moisture-proof function. In the waterproof gluing process, the outdoor surface is pasted with special silica gel. The thickness of the gluing is 1.5mm, which can effectively prevent rain from eroding PCB circuit boards and prevent bad factors such as short circuit.

2. SMD3535 patch lamp beads

The exterior dimension is 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.8mm. The LED beads are larger than SMD2828. It is not suitable for high definition and small spacing LED display. It can be used for outdoor surface mounting P8, P10, P12, 3535. It adopts interior white and exterior black design. The contrast effect is significantly improved. The waterproof gel filling process also uses outdoor surface mounting special silica gel, the thickness of 1.5mm.

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