60 sqm P2.5 indoor HD led video wall has just been installed by Hyte Led

led video wall p2 (1)

60 SQM P2.5 indoor led video display panels are delivered and installed for a government project in Shaixi for information sharing and video conference. It is with high refresh rate and good picture resolution,which makes LED display to meet requirement of high refresh rate, high gray level and high contrast.

p2.5 led video panel led video wall p2 (2)

P2.5mm Indoor SMD LED Display is specially designed for high definition and high-contrast usage in which the screen needs to display more vivid picture and video for the audiences, With the features of 160000 pixels density per square meter and 2.5mm line and column spacing, P2.5 fixed LED display is the first choose if HD video standard is required in indoor applications. and it is widely used in important occasions.

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