We launch the Ipad shape led pole street video display with wifi 3g control system

iphone led video pole street display (3)

We launch the Ipad shape led pole street video display with wifi 3g control system, This LED pole display is specially designed for outdoor pole installation. Although it is smaller than the big screen, it can be used for advertising on a variety of road sections.

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Compared with the traditional light box advertisements, the scope of information dissemination is expanded, which greatly enhances the promotion of advertisements. Compared with the large LED screen, it is also convenient to install on the light pole without excessive manpower. Compared with static advertisements, it can display dynamic video advertisements, can express more publicity information, and is more attractive.

The LED pole display has the characteristics of synchronous reception and synchronous playback. With a viewing angle of more than 140 degrees, in the rush of the road, even if you are sitting in a moving vehicle, you will not miss the content of the advertisement.

It can be used to display various advertisements and information such as commercial advertisements, public service announcements, public information announcements, emergency warnings, regional map displays, and ambient air pollution conditions.

The LED screen is no longer limited to walls, advertising columns, etc., but can be widely installed in public places such as pedestrian streets, squares, communities, scenic spots, commercial streets, gas stations, bus stations, highway service areas, toll stations,etc..

The LED pole display can not only realize the comprehensive utilization of the street light pole, but also make the road no longer monotonous. Moreover, it can also play colorful decorative pictures according to different festivals to beautify the cityscape.

Product Description:

1. Intelligent Conrol and labor saving

With the LAN, wifi,3G and 4G intelligent management core mode inside, the advertisement show can be changed very convenient by remote control. Like the ipad, mobile phone, and computer, you can operate changing the screen videos or pictures.

2. High IP level

With front/back level of IP65 / 54, screen can be used outdoor even under bad weather

3. Easy maintenance

Side-open and back-open maintenance allow it more optional installation positions.


Community, walking street, school, hospital, road side, park, super market, parking lot, metro station, hotel, gas station,etc.

Products Parameter:

Physical point spacing 3mm Unit board size 192 × 192 (mm) Unit box size 576 × 576 × 84 (mm)

Physical density 111111 points / m2 luminous point color 1R1G1B unit board resolution 64 * 64 = 4096 DOTS


Unit board weight 0.155kg

Cabinet resolution 192*192 Cabinet area 0.331776m2 Iron box weight 9.23KG±0.05KG

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