Analysis of Installation Method of Indoor LED Display Screen


According to the application environment, LED display can be divided into indoor and outdoor LED display. Indoor LED display screen generally has P2/P3/P4/P5 and other models, which one to choose is mainly determined by how long the audience stands to watch, that is, the best viewing distance of the audience. The optimal visual distance of the LED display can be determined by dividing the point spacing (the number after P) by 0.3-0.8. If the audience stands in the range of 4 meters to 10 meters to watch, the effect of the general choice of P3 is ideal.

Indoor LED display mainly has the following installation methods:

1. Mounting (wall mounting) is suitable for indoor LED display screen under 10 square meters. The requirement of the wall is that there are concrete beams in the solid wall or suspension. Hollow bricks or simple partitions are not suitable for this installation method.

2. The frame is suitable for LED display screen of more than 10 square meters, and it is easy to maintain. Other specific requirements are the same as wall mounting.

What kind of installation mode to choose for indoor LED display screen should be decided according to the actual situation of oneself, and can not be chosen at will.

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