Small spacing fine pitch LED display market is in full swing


From the development of LED display screen market in recent years, p0.9  p1.25 p1.5 p1.875 p1.9 p2 small pitch HD LED display from factory supplier is undoubtedly the star product of industry development. Since 2015, the small spacing market of LED has started to grow explosively, which is unnecessary.

According to relevant statistics, in 2015, the global market for small-spacing LED displays was 2.58 billion yuan, an increase of 53% over the previous year, of which China’s market was 1.55 billion yuan, an increase of 72% over the previous year. Last year, China’s small spacing shows that the market size has reached 2.1 billion yuan, which is almost the same as the global market size in 15 years, and the momentum of development is very strong. According to the data forecast, the global small spacing LED market is expected to reach 15 billion yuan by 2020.

Why are small pixel pitch LED displays so well developed and products so popular? Is there anything special about small spacing? Next little knitting to take you to their world to see, all your questions will be satisfied with the answer!

Small spacing LED display screen is an indoor LED display screen with pixel spacing below P2.5. The appearance of small spacing display technology promotes the development of LED display to indoor ultra-high definition applications. Before 2015, small-spacing LED is mainly used in government, military, radio and television fields. With the progress of manufacturing technology and the decrease of cost, small-spacing LED display screen is gradually applied to studios, conference centers, Museum exhibitions, airports, enterprises and high-end commercial places.

With the continuous development of LED display technology, the small space display technology will become more and more mature. Technological progress is accompanied by the reduction of production costs and the improvement of product quality. I believe that in the near future, small spacing LED display will no longer be the “luxury” of the display industry. Small spacing LED display will be more popular in terms of price while improving its quality.

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