How to solve the light pollution problem of LED video display?

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LED display screen is a new type of imaging electronic display device, which is made of light emitting diodes arranged in sequence. Because of its high brightness, wide visual angle and long life, it is widely used in outdoor advertising and other display fields. The characteristics of high brightness of LED display are also disadvantageous. Light pollution is its disadvantage. How to solve the light pollution of LED display screen, the following small edition for you to analyze and analyze.

First, adjust the brightness relying on the environment: First, adjust the comfortable brightness of the human eye, according to the environmental light intensity of the display screen, adjust the overall brightness of the LED advertising display screen, in order to ensure the clarity of the display screen, while avoiding eye-catching, eye-catching bad visual feeling. According to the investigation and research, if the human eye is accustomed to the ambient brightness of 800 cd/m2, the brightness that the human eye can see is 80-8 000 cd/m2. If the brightness exceeds the scale, the human eye must be adjusted for several seconds to gradually see.

2. Reducing blue light output: Different wavelengths of light will bring different visual perception to the human eye. Because of the complexity of human eye perception, it is difficult to reflect the human eye’s perception of light through the luminance measurement standard. Therefore, the irradiation index can be introduced as a criterion to evaluate the safe energy range of visible light.

3. Controlling light scattering: Reasonably arrange the light of LED display screen, and evenly distribute the light energy output of the display screen within the visual scale of human eyes, so as to avoid the problem of local bright light of the display screen. This requires that the direction and scale of illumination must be strictly limited in the production of LED display, in order to effectively control the light pollution of LED display.

4. Explicit safety protection methods: In the instructions for the use of LED display products, safety precautions should be marked, with emphasis on explaining the correct method of brightness adjustment of LED display, and explaining clearly the possible harm caused by long-term direct-view display of human eyes. If the automatic brightness control system of the display screen fails to operate, the brightness can be adjusted manually.

As a kind of light source, the light pollution of LED display screen is inevitable in the process of operation. In order to effectively prevent the harm of LED display screen to human body, it is necessary to take reasonable and feasible measures to eliminate the light pollution of LED display screen.

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