These three methods solve the bright line problem of LED display screen


As a new type of electronic display device, the LED display screen is popular in the market because of its excellent picture display effect and low power consumption. It is widely used in various fields of social and economic development. You can see the beautiful figure of LED display screen in streets, squares, buildings, doorways, public service places and other places..

Before you solve the problem, it’s important to know why the  LED screen is bright. There are three reasons for the brightness of the LED video display screen.

First, judge whether the power supply is damaged: first, judge whether the power supply is damaged or not, and whether it can be used normally. Because a power supply controls several unit boards at the same time. It is possible to measure whether the output voltage is between 4.9 and 5.5V. If not within this range, it is likely that the power supply is out of order.

2. Judging whether the control card is damaged or not: first turn on the power supply and see if the indicator light of the control card is on;

3. Check whether the unit board is damaged: The signal of the LED display screen is transmitted from one board to the input of another board. So if a board goes wrong, it will affect the back board. So check the unit boards one by one.

Summary: After troubleshooting and repairing the damaged situation, the LED display can be beautiful as before. If you can’t repair it, you can contact the LED display manufacturers, or send it to the manufacturers for maintenance, or let the manufacturers to solve the problem on site.

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