How to deal with the harsh outdoor environment for LED display?


As an outdoor advertising LED display, it requires a much higher environment than the general display screen. In the process of using outdoor LED display screen, due to the different environment, it is often affected by high temperature, typhoon, rainstorm, lightning and other bad weather. To make the display screen safe and sound in bad weather, we must take precautions to ensure its safe operation. Below is a small edition to introduce the outdoor LED display screen in bad weather prevention measures.

First, high temperature protection, outdoor LED display screen is usually large area, in the application process of large power consumption, the corresponding heat dissipation is also large, coupled with higher external temperature, if the problem of heat dissipation can not be solved in time, it is likely to cause circuit board heating short circuit and other issues.

2. Typhoon-proof, outdoor LED display screen installation location is different, installation methods are different, there are wall-mounted, mosaic, pillar, suspension, and so on

3. Storm-proof, rainy weather in the south, so the LED display screen itself must have a high level of waterproof protection in order not to encounter rain erosion. In the outdoor environment, the outdoor LED display should reach IP65 protection level. The module should be encapsulated by glue filling. The waterproof box body is selected, and the module and the box body are connected by waterproof rubber ring.

Fourth, lightning protection, outdoor LED display screen lightning protection mainly has four parts.

Do a good job of the above several protective measures, no matter how bad the environment, outdoor LED display can also be safe and safe operation.

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