Knowledge Sharing on Fire Prevention of LED Display Screen in Winter


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The weather is getting colder and colder, and winter is getting closer and closer to us. In winter, the air is dry, which is the high-incidence season of fire. With the rapid development of economy, the LED display screen factory has been widely used in our life. So, how to carry out fire prevention in the winter when the fire occurs frequently, do you know? Today, we will give you some tips on winter fire prevention of LED display screen.

The fire protection performance of the LED display is mainly related to the raw materials and the quality of the box. So when we do the fire prevention work of the LED display, we should start with the raw materials of the LED display and the quality of the box, and start from the source, so as to prevent the fire. Influencing the quality of fire-proof raw materials for LED display screen is mainly caused by the following factors.

First, PCB circuit board factors: PCB circuit boards are classified according to flame retardant characteristics. PCB circuit boards certified by UL can ensure signal transmission and power load security and stability.

2. Plastic Suite Factor: Plastic Suite is an important part of the fire-proof raw materials for LED display screen.

3. Wire factor: The larger the unit area of LED display screen is, the larger the power consumption is, and the higher the requirement of power stability of wire is. In many wire products, only the use of wire that meets the requirements of national standards can ensure its safety and stability.

In view of the above, when purchasing the LED display screen, the quality of raw materials must be put on the core assessment indicators, and the quality of raw materials is too hard to effectively prevent the risk of fire in the operation of the LED display screen.

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