Indoor rental LED display screen should be selected as below

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According to the classification of application environment, indoor and outdoor fixed rental  LED display can be divided into indoor and outdoor LED display. Different application environments have different requirements for hardware and software of LED display.When we choose to rent an indoor LED display, we can’t choose the standard of the user’s outdoor LED display, but we should consider and make a decision according to the specific indoor environment. So how to choose an indoor rental LED display? Below is a small edition to explain the purchase of several points that need attention.

Brightness: Brightness has a great impact on indoor LED display. High brightness can easily damage human vision and endanger human health. Low brightness will lead to unclear display of LED display image. Generally speaking, the brightness of indoor LED display is 800 CD /-2000cd /. Different brands of LED display products have different brightness.

Visual angle: The size of the visual angle of the LED display directly determines the audience of the LED display. The larger the viewing angle is, the better the audience will be. The viewing angle will be affected by the encapsulation of LED core. Therefore, when choosing to rent the LED display in the room, we should also pay attention to the encapsulation of the tube core.

3. Flatness: The flatness of the LED display will affect the quality of the display image. The surface smoothness of the cabinet of the indoor leased LED display screen in the industry is maintained within (+1 mm). The local protrusion or concavity of the cabinet surface will lead to the dead angle of the visual angle of the display screen. Flatness is determined by production process. LED display manufacturers should pay attention to this problem in production.

Above is the summary of the small edition of the selection of indoor rental LED display when the attention, very practical bar, hurry up to collect it!

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