The right way to choose LED display screen accessories and parts

Led video wall panels

As the LED display screen of electronic products, the product update speed is faster than other products. In such a fast update era, how to choose LED display accessories, do you know? Here’s a little bit of detail for you.

First, LED beads and chips: LED beads are not only LED light-emitting tubes, but also the key components of LED display screen. Therefore, reliable quality and mature packaging of LED products should be adopted.

2. Box: In the selection of LED display panel accessories, the overall use of steel or aluminum box. The overall protection of the cabinet meets the IP65 standard, and the heat dissipation should be fully considered in the structure.

3. Switching power supply: The power supply of LED display adopts the well-known brand switching regulated power supply module which has been certified. Therefore, the switching power supply of the selected LED display accessories must undergo rigorous testing, screening and aging. Ensure full compliance with international safety and quality certification requirements, in order to meet the long-term stable and reliable work requirements of display screen.

4. Plug-in: Plug-in is an important connector in the LED display system, and also one of the important accessories of the LED display screen. High quality connector products should be adopted to ensure the thickness of pure gold plating of connectors and maintain the best electrical connection performance. Ensuring the good electrical connection performance of the system in high temperature and humidity environment can make the system run stably and reliably for a long time.

Whether the LED display is good or not depends on the quality of accessories. Combine the above points to choose LED display accessories, your LED display will run well and stably!

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