Advantage of Full-color LED Display Screen in Security Monitoring

led video wall panel

In the security monitoring system, the led display equipment is the core. In the past, LCD splicing and DLP have the highest share in this market. Over the years, with the progress of LED display advertising video wall technology, the application of LED display in the security monitoring market is more and more. What advantages does full-color LED display have in the field of security monitoring? The following small edition for you to analyze.

First, area advantage: Compared with LCD and DLP display, full-color LED display can be customized directly. If the user needs to be small, it can be within one square meter, and large, it can be more than several hundred square meters. It can completely customize the best scheme according to the user’s needs or the size of the site, and it is seamless large screen.

Second, performance advantages: full-color LED display is mainly composed of light-emitting diodes arranged. It uses low voltage scanning drive, consumes less power, saves energy and protects the environment, and also prolongs the service life. Compared with LCD display, LED display has more obvious advantages in brightness, power consumption, visual angle and refresh rate. The reaction speed of single element of LED display screen is hundreds times higher than that of other display screens. Even in the outdoor strong light environment, it does not affect the viewing effect at all, and can adapt to various high and low temperature differences. The higher refresh rate enables the LED to perform better in video, providing a 170 degree view.

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