Future Development Direction of LED Electronic Display Screen


Nowadays, the homogeneity of LED display market is so serious that led video wall enterprises often fight price war and make little profit. Every industry develops to a certain stage led display, there will be development bottlenecks, LED display industry is no exception. The lack of driving force for product innovation and the serious homogeneity are the outstanding problems in the current LED display industry. Faced with the bottleneck of development, what should enterprises do? The following editors and you talk about the future direction of the development of LED display, perhaps the solution is one of them.

First, the development of ultra-thin: you will find that the electronic products in our lives are developing towards ultra-thin, television, mobile phones, computer monitors and so on are becoming thinner and thinner, so the development of LED electronic display is also the general trend.

2. Develop toward lighter aspect: At present, most manufacturers of LED display screen use iron box as the box structure of display screen, so the weight of screen body can reach about 50 kilograms per square metre. When installed, the weight of steel structure is added. Therefore, even for small and medium-sized projects of tens of square metres, the overall weight is quite large, which brings heavy burden to buildings. For the sake of building and installation safety, LED display will be developed in the direction of lightweight.

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