Reasons for Full-color LED Display Screen Panels Chip Broken


As an electronic product sign, it is unavoidable that some faults occur in the ordinary use of LED display screen. There are integrated circuits and chips on the LED display video screen. Smoke burning out of integrated circuit chips is a common fault. What is the reason for the smoke burning of the full-color LED display chips? Let’s make up the details below.

1. Connection of positive and negative poles of power supply: According to the specifications of electronic products, the location of power supply terminals will have “VCC” and “GND” signs (or “+”, “-“), indicating the connection positions of positive and negative poles, respectively.

2. Abnormal control signal: It is also common for full-color LED display to have a line of bright and bright faults, which are often caused by abnormal wire arrangement contact or errors in debugging parameters.

Third, the power supply voltage is on the high side: the rated working voltage of the LED display module is usually 4.5V-5V, the maximum working voltage of the integrated chip on the module is not higher than 7V, and the maximum reverse voltage of the LED lamp tube is also below 7V.

Summary: In practical applications, the causes of chip smoke burning are mostly positive and negative pole connection, followed by abnormal control signal, but this situation will become increasingly rare, and finally a very small number of over-voltage situation. Some of these faults are caused by human beings. It is very necessary to improve the technical level of operators in order to reduce the faults of full-color LED display chips, whether they are LED display manufacturers or terminal users.

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