Analysis of “Nugget Point” of Fine Pitch LED Display Screen Boards


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Although China’s LED display industry started relatively late, but with the support of the national and regional governments, the development is very rapid. With the promulgation of various favorable policies, the development of LED display technology has been pushed to a new height. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of production technology and expansion of scale, a series of gratifying achievements have been achieved, among which the small spacing LED display technology is one of the representatives.

In the LED display industry, the display screen with a spacing of less than 2.5mm is generally referred to as the small spacing LED display screen. In recent years, with the improvement of production technology, the record of point spacing has been constantly refreshed. Products with point spacing of 2.0, 1.9, 1.8, 1.6, 1.5 and 1.2 have been introduced into the market successively, and the market reaction is still good. This is not the end point. In 2016, the record of small spacing was refreshed to 0.7. Although this technology is not very mature and has not been widely used in the market, it is enough to prove the strong R&D strength of Chinese LED display manufacturers.

First, there is a strong demand for sports industry. Throughout the economic development in recent years, the sports industry has achieved rapid growth, especially in football projects. Track and field football fields have been built in many places, and the number of football matches has blowout. As a result, the market demand for sports LED displays has been driven. In some sports live broadcasters and large football stadiums, full-color LED displays can be seen. For example, the NBA Washington Wizards Sports Center uses ultra-clear small spacing LED display.

2. Hitchhiking in a smart city. At present, with the rapid development of Internet information technology and the construction of smart city in full swing, this is a good “free-rider” opportunity for the majority of LED manufacturers. It is different from the previous application scenarios of LED display screen. It pays more attention to the development of technology, convenience and efficiency.

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