Four Applications of Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screen Panels


With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the definition of small pixel pitch LED display panels is constantly refreshed. Ten years ago, products with pixel spacing below 4 mm were called small spacing LED displays.

A large number of products are listed, and the market continues to heat up. What are the main market applications and advantages of small spacing LED display?

Let’s analyze it with you.

1. Security monitoring: With seamless seamless seamless, excellent color performance, low energy consumption and other characteristics, small pixel pitch LED display can meet the high quality requirements of command and dispatch center, command and control.

Demand for high-end indoor applications such as center, radio and television studio, meteorological information center, etc. DLP backprojection splicing large screen with security monitoring, command and dispatch, etc., which currently dominates the field, and

Compared with the fast growing LCD splicing screen, the remarkable advantage of small spacing LED display screen is seamless splicing. In theory, the size can be unlimited, and the installation method is flexible and diverse, and the thickness of the screen is thin.

2. Exhibition and exhibition: Small-spacing LED display has flexible format, wide viewing angle, ultra-thin fuselage, convenient installation and maintenance, and low power consumption. It is widely applicable to all kinds of public information.

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