Analysis of Small Pixel Pitch LED video Display Screen


What is a small pixel pitch LED display? Many people are not sure what is a small pixel LED display screen. It seems that the current market does not only refer to products below P2.4 or p2.0.

One: Small Spacing LED Display Devices and Products

The development of small spacing LED display has also led to the development of related supporting facilities, such as the innovation of LED display processor, driver IC, control system and other products. In the driving field, with regard to the introduction of small-spacing driving IC products, we have set up precise small-spacing LED display screens together with major LED display manufacturers in Shenzhen, and jointly developed driving IC for small-spacing products. We hope to expand market share through more perfect solutions and get recognition for a project in Singapore which we cooperate with some well-known brand LED enterprises.

II: Small Spacing LED Display Industr

From the perspective of the LED industry, small spacing LED display is only one part of the application of LED display, which belongs to the new field of application of LED display. From the upstream epitaxy chips to the upstream packaging devices, and then to the four major integration of small spacing LED display: LED display system, high-definition display control system, video processing system and some heat dissipation.

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