Proportion or ratio of LED Full-color Display Screen width and height


Industry people all know that the full-color LED display is the mainstream display screen in the current market, many industry friends in the early design of the full-color LED display screen size design has been a state of no concept. The design of full-color LED display screen size is based on three factors, one is the installation environment, the other is the width of LED color screen and the high planned size, and the third is the usual broadcast content, that is, media advertisements, wedding videos, high-definition television broadcasting, high-definition movies and so on.

Ideal size: led full-color screen can play different video signals, such as some self-made LED advertising promotional films, video programs recorded by customer users themselves, TV relay, film entertainment, etc…. The video content produced by advertising companies can be designed according to the proportion of LED full-color screen, and the video programs recorded by customers themselves, such as outings, knots, etc. The display ratio of wedding anniversaries, or company self-timers should be defined according to the proportion of the tools used to shoot. Others, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, cameras and so on, usually have 16:9 video output, such as CCTV programs and local stations, etc. The proportion of large-scale display screens in Hollywood is usually 2:1 or 16:7, etc. The ratio is usually 16:9, so before making full-color LED screen, we should have a deep consideration of the playing content. If the ratio of full-color LED screen production does not match the proportion of the broadcast program, it will lead to image compression, and the display effect will be somewhat awkward. The problem of proportional distortion can be solved by setting parameters of full-color LED screen. The top and bottom of full-color LED screen or left and right of the full-color LED screen will remain. Empty or you can add text scrolling information to fill in. It is better to design the full-color LED screen according to the playback ratio.

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