Characteristics and Application of Community LED video Display Screen


As a propaganda board in the community, the LED video display screen is the closest propaganda window to the public. Through the propaganda of current affairs news by wireless LED control card, LED display screen and control software, the information concerned by the masses can be timely disseminated. The application of wireless information publishing of community LED display advertisement is one of the important application fields of LED advertisement display screen. This scheme adopts the wireless remote publishing management system of LED display screen factory, which is convenient, fast and convenient. Simple operation and good advertising efficiency are embodied in the following ways.

I. Media Forms:

1. Community LED display, 6 square meters per block, 1.1 meters from the ground at the bottom of the screen, good visual effect, moderate height, comfortable audience to read.

2. Coverage:

1. The project covers the entrances and exits of all communities in the urban area, with a large flow of people. 2. Where there is a lot of traffic waiting around the street.

3. Media Advantages:

1. Authoritative: public welfare-oriented, publicizing content closely related to residents’lives, not only can attract the attention of community residents, but also can make them read advertisements carefully. With the help of this media, the brand image has been enhanced and consolidated, thus bringing intangible assets to enterprises.

2. Attract audience groups: super-large screen, super vision, high brightness, long life, rich color, diverse display methods, favored by the majority of residents.

3. Distinguishing location: The best installation location, within 10 meters from the community entrance, parallel to the audience’s line of sight, constitutes a compulsory viewing.

4. Low interference: single community environment, few media, low interference of communication.

5. Strong pertinence: it can broadcast point-to-point in the community, with high speed and large flow. Another feature of LED community display is that it can update the content of advertisements and release the latest information at any time, unlike some advertisements which need a certain cycle to be replaced, so as to achieve seamless communication with community residents.

6. Low price: This form of advertising display is very cheap, so that customers spend the least money to find the most accurate customers.

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