The future and development of LED display video wall advertising


In the information society of the 21st century, led display products and technologies as information dissemination media have developed rapidly. As the leading product of led panel display, LED display screen has become the main product in the display field of the 21st century. Nowadays, with the maturity of technology, small spacing LED display screen also emerges, and the hardware strength of LED enterprises is constantly rising and accumulating.

High Definition Screen of LED Display Screen

Looking at the current market of LED display screen, it is really “a hundred flowers blossom, a hundred schools of thought contend”, a variety of display screen products, what full-color LED display screen, small spacing LED display screen, LED advertising screen, LED large screen, indoor LED display screen, outdoor LED display screen and so on… It seems that only you can not imagine that no display enterprise can do, but many products, but Lack of strong support from enterprises, such as service and after-sales maintenance, which makes the LED display screen more but not strong, barrel effect is prominent. It is generally believed that the display hardware market is already saturated, while large enterprises are seeking higher technological breakthroughs, small spacing and OLED. Compared with large led enterprises, they have the ability and capital to carry out new generation of display technology research and development. Small and medium-sized enterprises lack capital and cycle to be the leader of the industry. A solid foothold, service or a better breakthrough can be obtained in the field. There is no strong strength to make hardware breakthroughs, but can be “soft” to win, flexibility to overcome rigidity.

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