Changes in the Development of HD Small Pixel Pitch LED TV Displays


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In the rapid development of society in the 21st century, with the advancement of science and technology, the LED display industry has also been a long-term development, various kinds of LED display technology and products emerge in endlessly. So, what new changes will appear in the LED display industry? Now let’s introduce it to our friends.

Small Spacing LED Display Display

First, the rental screen of LED display screen is becoming more and more popular

2. Small Spacing LED Displays Popularize Outdoor and Indoor

The small spacing LED display with high-definition picture quality and seamless stitching is a trend of market development. The integrated solution based on it is bringing tremendous changes to the whole industry. In recent years, almost all the major exhibitions can see the small spacing LED display screen, and as a major show by many manufacturers. In this process, we can clearly see that the current industry’s technology level of small spacing has increased significantly, both in the display effect and product experience to users have been greatly improved.

3. Full-color LED display leads the new trend of industry development

In recent years, we can see that full-color LED display screen is gradually rising, its high-transparency, transparent display effect and glass curtain wall can be said to be in one shot, once launched, it has been sought after and loved by the market. The major manufacturers of full-color LED display, have increased their investment in this field, and made great achievements in 2016.

4. Customization becomes a new direction for the development of display industry

In summary, with the rapid development of LED display technology, small spacing LED display and full-color LED screen have begun to be widely used in various fields. In the increasingly competitive domestic market environment, many LED display manufacturers have expanded their international market, and pay more attention to brand market and product innovation and R&D capabilities. I believe that the future LED display industry will certainly present a good situation of “a hundred flowers blossom, a hundred schools of thought contend”.

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