Solutions to Black Screen of LED Advertising Display Screen


Many people in the industry know that LED advertisement display screen has been used for a long time, inevitably there will be some black screen, display screen, advertising failure and so on. Therefore, for maintenance personnel, it is necessary to solve and avoid the causes and phenomena of these failures, so as to facilitate the investigation and solution. The following is the solution ideas and methods provided by LED display manufacturers for this phenomenon, hoping to help friends and friends.

I. Black Screen of LED Advertising Display Screen

1. The power supply is abnormal. The normal working voltage of the screen is 9-40V DC.

2. Black screen under normal power supply, open the LED advertising screen, and observe whether the indicator light of the control system is on. If no indicator light is on, please check the input and output voltage of the power supply with a multimeter. Normally, the output voltage of the power supply is 4.5V to 5.5V.

II. LED Advertising Display Screen or Abnormal Display

1. The display of LED advertisement screen is the hardware fault of the unit board. The common faults include the faulty welding of the chip (one column is not bright, one piece is not bright), the burning of the chip (the latter part is not bright), and the burning of the lamp beads (one column is always bright or one is not bright).

2. If a column is not bright, please repair and weld the corresponding chip for instruction. If a small part is not bright, the corresponding chip needs to be replaced (column control chip 5020 or 74H595, row control chip 4575).

3. The display of LED advertisement display is normal, but the advertisement is sent out unsuccessfully.

1. Check the communication line first. If the plug of the communication machine is off or pulled out, please connect it back. (GPS has two connectors to the display screen, one is connected to the GPS, the other is connected to the external communication line of the LED advertising display screen at 50 cm.)

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